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If you go to amazon and search “kitchen gadgets,” you will find a lot of eye-catching tools. Indeed some of these are extremely helpful, yet some are only good for sarcasm.
The thing is, the way advertisements work can be quite deceiving. You might have seen some of the tools we will be talking about on our list without realizing how useless they are. Hey, don’t take it the hard way; it took us some time and a couple of trials to see it.
This is why we decided to make a list of useless kitchen gadgets that you should ignore whenever you come across.

#2 is a waste of technology while gadget #15 is totally unintended An appetite suppressant !!

15 Most Useless Kitchen Gadgets List, click on any gadget to learn more:

2. Hog Wild Twirling Spaghetti Fork

Last but not least, the battery operating pasta fork. Honestly, laziness is the real mother of inventions, but not this one.

This unique tool twirls spaghetti for you; fettuccine, though, is another issue. Maybe I should start working on that and see if it sells! But, until this happens, I will recommend using a fork, just like everybody else.

This is it for our list. Let’s thank people who don’t like using knives and forks for the most part, or not!

3.The Telescopic Pickle Fork

According to Amazon, this fork grabs and serves all shapes and sizes of pickles. It has a spring action to push the pickle as well.

Surprisingly, it turns out that every fork you own can be used to grab a pickle, and it will do just fine!

4. Pulled Pork Shredder Claws

Apparently, People don’t want to use forks anymore. If you don’t mind wasting some money, you can get this kitchen craft and use it every now and then. Otherwise, shredding your fairy cooked meat or chicken can be done using a set of forks. Don’t get me started on why someone thinks that only bears’ claws can shred meat.

5. Pizza Scissors Cutter

Not only is this a scissor, but it also has a spatula attached to it. While this one craft is meant to make slicing your pizza easier -since the usual way is too complicated- it somehow makes things even messier. 

We recommend you stick to the old pizza wheel for your own good.

6. The Pizza Knife and Fork

Because we are always in a hurry when we’re eating pizza, we introduce to you this pizza knife. It looks like the old fashioned pizza wheel with an attached fork, so that you can enjoy your pizza more efficiently. 

Just watch out for lip cuts when you are putting this fork in your mouth, and let’s hope you won’t forget this fork has a knife on the downside while doing the dishes.

7. Jenaluca Herb Scissors

Another modified scissors make it on our list.

Do you find cutting herbs time-consuming? Suffer no more! The five-blade herbs scissors got you covered. It’s a cutter, a chopper, and a mincer. 

It also comes with a special tool for cleaning in between the blades so that you compensate for the time you have saved while using it, by wasting time cleaning it!

8. The Norpro Butter Spreader

Evidently, people have been struggling with spreading butter. This is not the only butter spreading gadget on our list. There are more! But first, let’s take a look at this craft.

The description says that by using this spreader, you won’t dirty a knife, a butter dish, or your hands. What they forgot to mention is, while trying to fit the butter into the spreader, you will dirty a knife, a butter dish, and your hands. So, you might as well stick to using the knife.

9. The Butter Mill

An even bigger failure is this butter dispenser. Instead of spreading butter, it gets stuck to its bottom part, and you have to cut it out with a knife.

Does it stop there? No! May God help you when you push the handle up, and the butter starts coming out from the other side.

10. The One-Click Stick Butter Cutter With a Stainless Steel Blade

And the list for butter spreading tools continues.

This time, we have a steel blade to help you cut the butter. However, somehow, it managed to make things get messy, and people have issues reloading it. 

It doesn’t work with frozen or liquid butter, and some people say they have a problem with its size.

11. The Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer

This plastic banana-shaped tool is used to slice bananas into equal pieces. Not sure why this would be of any importance to anyone. But, last time I checked, slicing a banana with a knife is an easy, one-minute job.

12. FireKylin Banana Slicer

Striking once again! We get it now, though; slicing bananas is a big deal for some people.

13.The Plastic Egg Molds

This is one gadget that you will use once or twice, and then forget you even have. True, the egg would look cute, and this might encourage your kid to eat it. However, they can also have cute cereals, cute gummies, and make their peace with the shape of eggs, just like everybody else.

14.Baggy Rack Hands-Free Clip

This allows you to fill up baggies with food without holding it. You don’t have to worry about spilling any food while putting it into the storage bag while using this, or while using one hand and filling with the other, but keep a good grip.

Unless you have a $7 that you don’t know what to do with, I don’t see a reason why you should get this.

15.The Bogeyman Egg Separator

Now, what can increase your appetite? You don’t need to overthink; some genius figured it out. 

It is seeing egg whites coming out of the nose of a cup. This one had me thinking that whoever came up with this, wanted everyone to be disgusted at eggs. It’s like this cup has a runny nose for crying out loud! Such a beautiful figure.

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