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A humidifier is humidity regulating device that adjusts the amount of water in the air of a building by increasing pool air using various principles. Moisture is the level of water in the atmosphere and this is subjective to the temperatures of the room. The more the heat of a place is high, the more humid the area is and the low the temperature is, the less the humidity.

In case the air has less water, it can be termed as dry, and a humidifier can normalize this to make the atmosphere extra comfortable. The higher the temperatures, for example, the more water the air can hold. At 22 degrees C (71.6 degrees F), the air can hold up to 19.8 grams of water. If the temperatures go down, the air capacity to hold water reduces. In a scenario where at 22 degrees C, a cubic meter of air contains half of its position, which is 9.9 grams, the relative humidity will be at 50%. If the corresponding humidity drops to below 25%, then the need for humidifier arises. This relative humidity can be termed as critical for humans. If in another scenario the relative humidity exceeds 70% then that is also a concern as the air is more humid than required for optimal human function. The humidity must always be balance with optimal range of 30-60%.

Humidifier benefits include the following

We all want a good sleep free from snoring. Dry air causes difficulties in breathing and hence snoring, which in turn brings respiratory problems. A humidifier running during sleep can make nights endurable by continually achieving recommended relative humidity, free of snoring and therefore better sleep. Dry air causes the nasal passage to crack, and this can lead to constant nose bleeding. Thus, can control continuous nose bleeding by switching on the humidifier at night while asleep and the moist air will eradicate the nose-bleeding problem.

A humidifier is an essential device in homes where there are regular maintenance costs on the furniture during the winter seasons. This is mainly due to low relative humidity on wooden floors, and collection of artifacts. Dry air causes pieces of art and furniture to fade and distort. A humidifier can help in preventing this irreversible destruction process. Maintaining the correct humidity ensures that the wooden floors do not shrink over the years which are very expensive to repair.

Humidifiers affect how the skin looks like during the cold season. During this period, the humidity is extremely low due to low temperature. Low humidity makes the human skin extremely dry. Using lotions can be a quick way to reverse the surface from cracking, but this method is not sustainable. When used well to regulate the relative humidity, the skin can gain its glowing nature and reverse breaking due to moisturizing. This also applies to human hair. Hair is also sensitive to low humidity. When humidifier is used, the hair, like the skin even regains its look

A humidifier is vital to curbing consistence visits to a hospital due to issues breathing problems over the winter due to dry air. In extreme cases when the relative humidity is below 25%, the body functionality is affected. Flu and common colds are recurrent during the winter due to lack of enough moisture in the air. This trend can be corrected by purchasing a humidifier and continuously make the rooms in the home well humidified.

A humidifier can be a remedy for allergies such as asthma. Using cool mist humidifier can assist the person affected by asthma to open up the breathing system and make it easier to breathe. Asthma as a respiratory condition needs a consistency check on the kind of air we blow regarding composition and humidifier can help in keeping track on this.

Nasal viruses according to study can endure longer in dry conditions than in humid conditions. This implies that humidity if a room determined the chances of viruses and bacteria. Chances are significantly reduced when the humidifier is used. This gives humidifier an upper hand in providing a bacteria and virus free homes.

Is humidifier good for the baby?

This has been a subject matter that has attracted a lot of public interest in the medical field. Some of the reason why humidifier is good for a baby includes

A humidifier helps babies to ease common cold, chest congestion. Babies get common 8-10 colds in a year. This number is extremely high in comparison to the average adult’s chances of getting cold. Pediatricians recommend humidifier as one of the remedies to baby’s common cold because well-balanced humidity helps to clear the excessive mucus from the baby’s nose and breathing system. Babies are prone to consistency common cold and having a humidifier can be a long time solution to making sure that the baby is safe from bugs.

Baby skins are delicate, and low humidity can affect its tenderness. This is because its surface is not well adapted to low temperature, which results in low humidity. A humidifier can stabilize the effect of low humidity to the baby’s skin. This gives the baby’s skin a beautiful glow throughout the winter season.

Breathing controls sleeping pattern. During the winter season, the air is cold and less humid. This less moist air is problematic to babies breathing. Their lungs are still young and develop completions. A humidifier helps in making the air relatively wet and the baby is capable of blowing well and achieve the better sleeping pattern.

Humidifiers produce sound when running. The music can be an issue of being noisy but in the actual sense can be a lullaby to the baby. Babies are attentive, and since the sound is consistent, it captures the baby’s attention and creates a sense of peace and relaxation. The white mineral deposits produced by cool mist humidifiers can be a subject of concern. However, one can use distilled water and clean the humidifier more often. The white mineral deposits are not in any case poisonous or harmful to the well being of the baby.

How does a humidifier work?

Different humidifiers work differently but they all designed to raise the humidity in homes and indoor spaces. The fundamental principle is heating water into small and more delicate droplets then releasing them into the dry air. The methods of releasing the water in the form of mist are different depending on the type of humidifier. A cool mist humidifier for example evaporative humidifiers uses a wick to release mist from an internal pan to the room. By doing so, fresh mist is released to air which is less humid, and this fits the humidifiers benefits during the winter session.

Cool mist vs warm mist humidifiers

The two different types of humidifiers work differently, but they all regulate humidity but raising the relative humidity to more than 25%. The choice between the two types of humidifiers depends on the consumer’s preferences like the size of the room, the budget, as well as the presence of children at home.

Warm mist humidifiers boil the water to hot vapor and then release it. The hot steam not only gives the room warmth but also raises the relative humidity to more than 25%. They are relatively cheaper to cool mist but require frequent maintenance. This kind of humidifiers can cause burns to children if not handled with care and away from them. However, they are less likely to have mineral buildup, which can be a breeding environment for bacteria.

On the other hand, designed cool mist humidifiers assist in raising relative humidity by spraying cooling mist to the room. They do not alter the room temperature like the warm mist humidifiers. They can work either use an evaporative method or use of the ultrasonic method. Ultrasonic humidifiers raise the relative humidity by the use of vibration, which in turn make mist from the water. Although ultrasonic humidifiers are much more efficient than the evaporative humidifiers, there is a need to use distilled water to avoid accumulation of minerals. Cool mist humidifiers are more prone to molds growing compared to warm humidifiers although cleaning all humidifiers regularly should be encouraged.

Cool mist humidifiers are market favorites due to the availability of more options in comparison to warm mist humidifiers. The security issue is a major problem too. Parents are likely to purchase cool humidifiers over warm mist humidifiers because of the effect of hot water in warm mist humidifiers.

Cool mist humidifiers are relatively big compared to warm mist humidifiers due to sophisticated design. Warm mist humidifiers are relatively smaller in size and are movable within the home at ease.

Some guidelines of what to consider when buying a humidifier

1. Cool mist or warm mist

This being the primary classification, the choice between the cold and heated mist humidifier is definite. Is it for winter or during summer? Is the humidifier for children bedroom or conference hall? All these questions should be specific before buying the device assuming a scientific background is comprehensive.

2. Energy consumption

The overall consumption of energy should be reasonable in consideration to the size of the room and the tasks done by the humidifier. For example among all classes of humidifiers, different device have different energy consumption abilities.

It can be irrational to buy a stronger and a more prominent humidifier for children study room.

3. Key features

When buying a humidifier, considerations about critical elements are essential. Key features such the capacity of water in the reservoir, the noise of the humidifier as well as maximum working hours of the humidifier without breaking. After reviewing all these factors, one can confidently come up with specific features of a humidifier they want.

4. Convenience

When buying one, you need to consider some factors such as can they be carried from one room to another’. Are there more items you need to buy such as filters after the initial purchase? How efficient is it? The big or small is the room size. The humidifier you choose should be able to supply the room with mist without over emitting or emitting less vapor. A bigger one will make the room over humid and uncomfortable while a smaller one will not give better results and impact will be so significant.

5. Maintenance

The maintenance cost of humidifiers should not be too expensive for the buyer. It should be reasonable if any. For example, the warm humidifier is relatively cheap to cool mist humidifiers. The question on maintenance should factor in the way of use. If the application frequently, it is better to go for a humidifier that is not prone to constant breakages.

Safety features

Evaporative humidifiers, for example, are likely to emit fewer bacteria compared to an ultrasonic humidifier. The chances for emitting bacteria and viruses are too low for warm humidifiers due to boiling water before ejecting. Warm emitting humidifiers in children room is not encouraged due to hot water.

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Placing humidifiers in the middle of a room away from the corner to avoid moods growing is essential. This could be at the center depending on the design of the humidifier keeping in mind that the current ones are come in fancy shapes and designs to encourage people to place away from walls and consider them as pieces of interior decor. They should be put be on a stable stand.

Cleaning using white vinegar with warm water kill bacteria and germs, which might have got in touch with the humidifier. After washing it carefully, replace the water from the reservoir and let it dry. This cleaning ensures that not only are we maintaining a reasonable level of humidity during cold season but also we are also strict to basic hygiene.

In consideration of the above, it is correct to say that babies need humidifiers more for better health and comfort. It is therefore essential to note the importance of humidifiers especially to the young babies as well as other people in regulating as moderating our bodies response in less humid spaces. It is essential to clarify also that the efficiency of humidifier is dependent on the device use. The more efficient the user is, the better the results.


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