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Do not choose deep fryers randomly. The type of deep fryer you get will determine your food taste, quality, quantity, and how healthy it is.
In order not to make a wrong choice, go on and read this article where I tell you the nine most important things to consider before buying a deep fryer.

9 Things To Consider Before Buying a Deep Fryer:

1. Capacity and Amount of Food

The size of a deep fryer has to fit the amount of food you will usually prepare. If you put a large amount of food in a small deep fryer, the food will get crowded. This will negatively affect its taste.
If you need the food dryer for your small establishment where you will cook for a few number of people, then get a size that suits that small amount.
However, if you want it for your restaurant or a food production factory, then buy a large one.
You and your customers will not appreciate crowded food.
Moreover, the capacity of the fryer’s tank will determine the amount of time the oil takes to recover, and how much time it takes to heat the food up.
So, before choosing a certain deep fryer, make sure you know the amount of food you are going to serve, and the capacity of the deep fryer’s tank.

2. Size and Storage

This is an essential feature to take care of.
Imagine buying a deep fryer and then realizing that you have no place to put it. That would be terrible!
You should always consider your kitchen area and create a place to put your deep fryer.
For example, a countertop deep fryer is more suitable for small kitchen establishments; whereas, a tabletop deep fryer is better for a corporate sized cafe.
Therefore, it is better to take your kitchen measurements before buying a deep fryer.

3. Maintenance

The lifespan of the deep fryer depends on how well and how regularly you maintain it. That is why this is a pretty significant thing to consider.
Oil draining and replacement are some of the most crucial maintenance concerns for deep fryers.
If you are dealing with a freshly battered food, then oil filtration and replacement are extra important.
For example, you need to leave the fryer covered at night to avoid the effect of rust. Also, clearing particulate using skimmers during frying cycles is a fundamental process.
Note that some models of deep fryers have an in-built oil filtration, while others require manual filtration.

4. Ease of Cleaning

You do not only need to maintain your appliance regularly to keep it living for a long time, but you also need to keep it clean. To that end, it is better to get a deep fryer that is easy to be cleaned.
It would be best if you also cleaned it because some food has a strong smell, and that can ruin subsequent meals.
I advise you to get a deep fryer that has dishwasher-friendly parts, a non-stick interior- that is easy to clean, and a stainless steel basket- that resists rust.

5. Safety

Before choosing a deep fryer, make sure it is safe. However, take care not to be tricked because some deep fryers claim to be safety standard approved while they are not.
Since your safety always comes first, try investigating the safety of any deep fryer before buying it. You can do that by asking people about it, reading as many reviews as you can, and learning about the safety features of deep fryers.
For example, safe deep fryers usually have a window so that you can see food without needing to open the lid too many times. Usually, high-quality deep fryers are made from a material that does not get heated when you are cooking.
Moreover, deep fryers may have an auto switch button that turns off the thing responsible for heating the food when the oil gets hotter than a certain degree.
Always choose an appliance that comes with a clear product manual with safety procedures and policies.

6. Energy Consumption

Buy an appliance that is Energy Star Rated. Such appliances use a minimal amount of energy to produce the largest amount of food. They lose a minimum amount of heat to the minimal environment.
This reduces your bill and gives you the best experience.

7. High Power and Adjustable Temperature

Deep fryers with high wattage ratings have more powerful heating elements. High-power appliances help make the oil reach the temperature you want quicker. Then, after you add food, the oil comes back up to temperature more quickly.
If you are an experienced chief, then you already know that for food to be crispy on the outside and moist on the inside-without absorbing much oil, you should begin the frying process more quickly.
Deep fryers that have an adjustable temperature are highly versatile because you can use them to cook many types of food.

8. Oil Change Notification

If you are planning on using the oil more than once, get a deep fryer that has an oil change notification.
This feature notifies you when the oil needs to be replaced.

9. Multiple Baskets

Deep fryers that have multiple baskets help you cook a considerable quantity in a short period. They are especially handy if you are hosting a party, for example
They are extra crucial if you want a deep fryer for a restaurant.

Bottom Line 💭

Choosing a deep fryer is a pretty simple task once you know what you should be looking for. Re-read the article carefully, and you will make the right choice.

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