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Ice Maker Machine TG22 is a portable stainless steel ice maker that contains many attractive features that include a handy control panel, ABS housing, drain plug and much more. It weighs in at 25.6 pounds and requires a small countertop space of 18 inches. It is also durable; you’ll use it to make ice for a long time.

Below is a balanced Ice Maker MachineTG22 Review that details everything you should know about the product. Read on.


1. Ease of Use

Using the ice maker is a breeze. Simply plug it into the power line through the readily available 3-prong plug, add water and you are ready to go. It doesn’t even require major plumbing work to install. To make ice, just select your desired size, fill the water bucket to the appropriate line, put the ice bucket in and switch it on. It also works fast; while it ordinarily takes long for water to form ice, this ice maker utilizes the latest compressor cooling mechanism to substantially reducing that time; it produces ice in about 10 minutes.

2. Useful Control Panel

The panel, situated on the front of the Icemaker, contains an indicator light which changes to red once the basket is full. When this light illuminates, empty the ice into a plastic bag or any other storage bag and transfer it to the freezer. The panel also contains a LED light which indicates when your water level is too low, so you can timely add more. The entire control panel makes using the ice maker a breeze; you can make ice while attending to your other household chores making sure you keep an eye on the indicators to check if everything is working fine.

3. Produces Ice of different sizes

Ice Maker MachineTG22 produces ice cubes of various sizes Small, Medium and Large in record time. You can, therefore, use it to make ice for different functions. Large Ice Bucket has a generous capacity of approximately 2.2 pounds. Unlike other ice makers in the market, the ice cubes that TG22 produces have a lovely oval shape and contain a hole in the middle.

5. Extras

The Ice maker comes with a 12-month warranty, a free ice scoop, and its fan is exceptionally quiet. It operates so noiselessly you will hardly hear it on. The top has a transparent section to allow you to observe the progress without opening the top. It, however, doesn’t automatically shut-off; so, if for any reason, you open the lid while it is running, you will not interfere with the process. TG22 contains a drain plug, on one side, that you can use to empty the water that remains in the reservoir in case you are not planning to make more ice, say, until the following day.


Works reliably well; trust the ice maker to deliver on its promise all the time. It also works fast dropping several cubes into the waiting basket within minutes. Buy this useful product and give to a friend as a gift to leave a lasting impression. The receiver of your gift will find it beneficial all the time.

Suits different functions; the Large Setting makes sizeable ice weighing approximately 2.2 pounds, which is a sizeable piece. The bucket also holds quite a good amount of water making the MachineTG22 appropriate for various functions. So, if you need an ice maker for the office parties, birthdays, private functions, among much more, look no further than TG 22.

Helpful Ice Level Sensor; the sensor lies in a spot where it accurately registers and notifies you of the ice level in the basket. This feature comes in handy when you are using the machine to make ice, say, for large functions such as office parties. You just empty the basket as soon as it is full (as indicated by the sensor signal) and proceed to make another batch.

Excellent customer support; the Ice Maker’s customer support is always available to handle any of your concerns. So, if you notice any defect in your purchase, contact customer support, and an official will attend to you and address your concern to your satisfaction. If the problem is major, such as complete failure, notify Amazon for a prompt refund followed by a postpaid ticket to return the defective product to the manufacturer. You then have the option of ordering the product again. It is advisable to reorder since you will receive the feature-packed and hence useful product within no time.


One user while commenting on Ice Maker MachineTG22 Reviewer reported that the machine broke down after using it for seven months only. She, however, added the product had worked remarkably well for six months. Apparently, trouble started when she cleaned the product; she discovered the tray was cracked. The fact the customer was active duty compounded the problem since in such a case the warranty doesn’t help. However, this demerit may not be an issue to you because, within the seven month period, you can invoke guarantee terms and get a replacement.

Another client expressed his dissatisfaction on the fact TG22 does not contain a refrigerated ice holder. Subsequently, the ice basket, located above the water reservoir, gets wet with time; ice melts as it hits the basket, while the almost ten minutes the maker takes to produce the next batch provides enough time for the collected ice to melt. When you finally transfer the ice to the freezer bin, the water makes your ice to freeze up together in one block. The solution is to transfer each batch of ice to your freezer quickly.


Ice Maker MachineTG22 is undoubtedly an excellent product worth your purchase. As is evident from the above Ice Maker MachineTG22 Review, the product is affordable, makes a full range of ice to suit different purposes and incredibly easy to use. It also works quite fast.

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